Friday, August 28, 2015
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Getting on Track!

Before you invest in any new gear, show up properly dressed and Calgary BMX has a number of loaner bikes and helmets available for you to get started with.

Otherwise, choosing to be a BMX racer does not necessarily mean a big investment in equipment. Most racers start by simply removing the chain guards and kick stands from their 20" street bikes and adding inexpensive padding sets. The helmet is mandatory, as is the long sleeve shirt, gloves, pants and shoes...but that's it, get all of this together and you're ready to ride.

For detailed information or questions towards BMX Racing bikes and related equipment, please contact any member of the Calgary BMX Racing Executive team.

All bikes used on the Calgary BMX Racing track are expected to be sized properly for the rider (download sizing chart here) and comply with all of the following equipment requirements and safety standards:

Wheel & Tire

  • inflated correctly
  • good tread
  • wheel is true
  • axles not protruding more than 5mm
  • tightened axle nuts

Handle Bars

  • grips covered at both ends
  • no cracks or bends
  • angled in line with the forks
  • padded across crossbar


  • tightcovered by a pad
  • all bolts present
  • no reflectors


  • NO front brake allowed
  • brakes must be able to stop rider at race speed
  • cables are not frayed
  • cable ends are present
  • pads are even and not worn
  • brake lever is smoothly rounded at end


  • lower than the bottom of handle bars

Pedals and Cranks

  • tightly fastened
  • no movement on the pedal axle
  • bottom bracket bearings must run smoothly and without play
  • no broken cages on pedals


  • no cracked or bent tubes
  • no cracked or broken welds

Safety Pads

  • must be at least 1cm thick
  • bar pad
  • stem pad
  • top tube pad

Number Plates

  • must not extend above the crossbar
  • must be securely fastened
  • numbers must be minimum 3" high and 1.5" wide as per UCI rules
  • no stickers can cover any part of the numbers
  • correct number plate must be worn for each race
  • must display the correct plate colour – Male (yellow), Female (blue) Cruisers (red) Junior, Elite & Pros (black or white)

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